Frangey Cement Works, France; Phase 1

Frangey Cement Works, France; Phase 1

Project Description

Discipline(s): Decommissioning | Dismantling | Asset Recovery
Sector: Industrial
Location: Burgundy, France
Project Duration: 3 Months

Euro Demolition & Dismantling have been instructed by Lafarge, the world’s largest cement producer, to decommission and dismantle an entire cement works site, located just 22km east of Chablis, in the Burgundy region of France. Decommissioning of several parts of the plant have now been completed by us and subsequent phase 2 works have also been awarded, to include additional decommissioning and demolition of the site’s buildings.

The project was afforded several months of planning, encompassing the production of a robust cost management plan to incorporate a streamlined and cost effective program for international and regional transport logistics and the use of local suppliers.  Local suppliers were appointed for waste disposal, recycling and transportation services, given the large volumes of steel to be removed from site.

French legislation was a key factor during planning stage. Our RAMS submissions, contractual and other health and safety related documents were constructed in compliance with French law before being translated into the French language.

The first phase of our project included the decommissioning and dismantling of two super-sized industrial panzer chain feeders with hoppers, used as part of the quarry’s crushing facility. The feeders were dismantled into smaller sized components, before being strategically crane lifted away for resale. In addition, our team successfully decommissioned and dismantled a circa 1 mile long over-ground conveyor system, used for transporting limestone from the crusher to the main processing plant. A substantial section of the conveyor was situated some 70ft above ground level, over a main highway leading into the nearby town, as well as a major river. Extensive planning and health and safety measures were observed for this stretch of the decommission.

We also carried out the decommissioning of the site’s large cement bag packaging machine, which was contained within a purpose built facility,  spanning 5 floors. The plant was dismantled into manageable sections, before being skilfully lowered to ground level by chain blocks for packaging and onward resale of working parts. Particular precaution had to be observed with regards to a dust critical live working machine, located within a 10 meter radius of the works.  Dust levels were kept to a minimum throughout by regular monitoring and dust extraction processes.

Removal of the site’s three large ball mills were also decommissioned. The colossal 10 feet diameter, 44 feet long cylinders were cut to size using hot cutting techniques, a tailored approach to dismantling the 4 inch thick steel structures. Further dismantling and site clearance was undertaken at key parts of the facility, including the industrial- sized, 3-storey homogeniser machine, used for mixing.

Recovery of steels were made throughout and sent on to our nominated local recycling partners.

Euro Demolition & Dismantling have subsequently been awarded phase 2 of this project to decommission further plant & machinery as well as demolish the buildings to the entire site.  As a result of the client’s satisfaction of our current works , we have secured additional contracts to carry out similar services on three other major sites in France.