Phase 7 Cold Storage Facility, Scunthorpe

Phase 7 Cold Storage Facility, Scunthorpe

Project Description

Discipline(s): Strip-out | Asset Recovery | Demolition
Sector: Commercial
Location: Phase 7, Cupola Way, Scunthorpe
Project Duration: 6 Weeks

Euro Demolition & Dismantling were contracted to remove all Dexion racking from within the ‘Phase 7’ cold storage building. The facility was unused and located on a busy industrial estate on the outskirts of Scunthorpe.

Phase 1: The 2,000 tonnes of Dexion had to be removed safely and without damaging the buildings insulated walls, as these walls would later be salvaged and re-sold on behalf of the client.

The racking was cut and processed into one metre lengths and loaded into bulk tipping trailers to enable delivery direct to the local steel mill where the steels would be melted down and re- used within their day to day processes.

The racking was carefully and safely removed, processed and loaded out well within the client’s timescale.

Phase 2: Following a successful phase one contract, we were subsequently appointed to undertake the controlled demolition of the main ‘Phase 7’ cold storage building.

Prior to commencement of demolition works, we managed the removal of prior identified asbestos and liquid Glycol, which were carefully removed and disposed of in line with current health, safety and environmental legislation guidelines.  All insulated walls were carefully removed and re-sold on behalf of the client and credited. The building was then stripped back and demolished by the use a high reach demolition excavator, equipped with a steel cutting shear, whilst maintaining identified live services that supply the neighbouring buildings.

The site was demolished to the top of slab level as per the scope of works, cleaned, swept and left in a tidy presentable condition.  Works were carried out on a busy trading estate, so great care was taken to minimise all machine and road transport movements. Recoverable metals totalled almost 6,000 tonnes.