Hatfield Colliery – Coal Preparation Plant Dismantle and Removal

Hatfield Colliery – Coal Preparation Plant Dismantle and Removal

Project Description

Discipline(s): Demolition, Dismantling, Site Clearance
Sector: Coal
Location: Yorkshire
Project Duration: 3 Weeks

Euro Demolition & Dismantling Ltd were awarded the contract to carry out the demolition and dismantle of several disused coal preparation plant items on the client’s site in Hatfield, Yorkshire.  The works were awarded in two Phases.

The works were carried out on a live site and therefore the area of the demolition works was carefully segregated to ensure no unauthorised access to the area, where the works were taking place and to ensure that the coal plant that was to remain was left undamaged during the course of our works.  Euro Demolition & Dismantling Ltd also arranged for out of hours security whilst the works were carried out to ensure that no items were stolen (there had been several theft instances prior to the works being carried out).

The works comprised the removal of an existing coal processing plant and equipment including process equipment a quantity of steel pipes and redundant equipment. There was also a well adjacent to the works and at the client’s request we back filled this area as part of our works.

Works were carried by using a demolition excavator to bring the structures down to ground level and a shear attachment was used to carry out part of the cutting of the structures after which hot and cold cutting techniques were used to cut the materials into a smaller size, following which they were removed from site by our licensed recycling partner.  A crane was also brought to site to lift a large conveyor feed, the conveyor was cut into appropriate sections and a crane brought to site to remove it to ground level where it was cut to length and loaded onto skips.

All works were completed within the programme time and without accident or incident to the client’s satisfaction.