Bantycock Open Cast Mine, Newark

Bantycock Open Cast Mine, Newark

Project Description

Client: Saint-Gobain
Discipline(s): Demolition, Dismantling
Sector: Opencast Mining
Location: Newark
Project Duration: 6 Weeks

Euro Demolition & Dismantling Ltd were given the project to demolish the old SPD building and the ablution block at the Bantycock open cast mining facility which was on a live working site.

The SPD building was of a metal construction and the ablution block a brick building. All machinery items, conveyors etc had to be dismantled and removed prior to the demolition works taking place. Following demolition works, the client requested additional works to repair the floor base, where columns had to be removed and also to fill in the service ducts, which we duly carried out.

The works included the removal of asbestos materials which were disposed of in the requisite licensed asbestos skips and removed from site. All recyclable metals were sent to our recycling partner for reuse.

Cranes were used in the demolition and dismantling works and the client was notified in advance and plans drawn up for the lift.

On completion of the works EDD cleared the site of all debris and left the area in a tidy state ready for the future development of the area.

All works were carried out safety without accident or incident to the clients complete satisfaction. Daily briefings took place on site and the client given daily updates on the works that had taken place the previous day.

The client says… All in all very happy with the project and the safety culture of the operators and labourers that carried out the work. Would recommend the company to other parts of the group.‘