Oil Refinery Works, Essex

Oil Refinery Works, Essex

Project Description

Discipline(s): Demolition, Dismantling, Asset Removal
Sector: Oil Refinery
Location: Essex
Project Duration: 12 Months

Following several months of negotiation, onsite meetings with our client, and intensive pre-qualification process Euro Demolition & Dismantling were awarded the contract to dismantle the Gas Turbine and Heat Recovery Steam Generator Unit at the oil refinery site in Essex down to slab level.

Prior to the dismantling of the GTG unit and the Steam Generator Unit, we ensured that all utilities and services were disconnected and created an exclusion zone around the work area.

A demolition rig with shear attachment was then set to work on the shearing down the GTG Unit, using a top down method before placing the materials in a dedicated area where the materials were processed and loaded on wagons and taken from site by our recycling partners.

The steam drum was released from it’s housing and allowed to fall under stringent controlled conditions and processed and removed from site.

The final part of the removal was the exhaust stack, which was a very tall chimney structure and again this was released from it’s fixings and allowed to fall under stringent controlled conditions, processed and removed from site.

All outlying items from the GTG Unit and Steam Generator Unit were then cleared and removed from the site.  The area was then cleared and left in a tidy condition to the client’s satisfaction.

Additional Works on Site for our Client

Further to this we carried out demolition and dismantling works on Area 8 of the site which included the demolition and dismantling of the LG & Rail and Road loading facility which included mechanical demolition and some manual dismantling work, the collection of metal and other waste and its removal from site, including:

1: Rail Loading facility, 2: Pipework, 3: Bitumen tanks, 4: Loc Workshop, 5: Bitumen Rail Loading, 6: LG Loading area, 7: Pipe work from Loco shed to bitumen tanks.

We also undertook the works to clear up the area known as Bectel Gardens, including mechanical demolition (shearing), some manual dismantling work, hot works, the collection of metal and other waste and its removal from site.

We also carried out a variety of other demolition and clearance projects on the same site for this client.

Adhering to strict health and safety controls on this both contracts, our team were subject to the client’s in-depth site inductions as well as our own induction procedure.  Daily pre-start meetings and weekly safety and progress meetings were carried out, which is standard as part of our commitment to all of our client’s on all sites.