Duncanziemere Open Cast Mine, Scotland

Duncanziemere Open Cast Mine, Scotland

Project Description

Discipline(s): Demolition, Dismantling, Asset Removal
Sector: Coal
Location: New Cumnock, Scotland
Project Duration: 2 Weeks

Euro Demolition & Dismantling  successfully completed the stripping and dismantling of a 70 metre long coal conveyer bridge at a site in New Cumnock, Scotland.

The site had been redundant for over 14 months and the client had been under increasing pressure from the council and SEPA to dismantle and remove the bridge.  The Bridge spanned the Glenmuir River as well as a road, so extra cautionary measures and a robust method of removal was required to ensure the safe dismantle and removal of the bridge.

SEPA (Scottish environment agency) monitored the river before and after the job, to ensure that all works were carried out without any contamination to the river.  SEPA need to ensure that no contaminants entered the river which contained freshwater salmon and also to ensure preservation of the river banks, trees and vegetation.  There was a 5ft drop between bank and water.

The Bridge was stripped out and the knee high coal based slurry carefully removed.  The slurry once removed was taken to a specialist company, where it was then sent to be processed, where it is mixed with coal products.  In total 9 tonnes of the coal based slurry was recovered from the inside the conveyor.

Although the bridge was a sealed unit and therefore no a high chance of leakage, there were weakened points in the bridge due to acid from the coal which can affect metal and therefore great care had to be taken when removing the slurry to ensure that none of the material contained within the conveyor leaked into the river.

The bridge was hot cut into 3 sections to make it easier to crane lift and 3 crane lifts removed the bridge sections carefully from over the river and laid down, where it was further cut and removed from site by our recycling partner for recycling.

All works were carried out safely, without incident and to the client’s and SEPA’s complete satisfaction.