Marchington Industrial Estate, Staffordshire

Marchington Industrial Estate, Staffordshire

Project Description

Discipline(s): Demolition, Asbestos Removal, Site Clearance
Sector: Industrial
Location: Staffordshire
Project Duration: 4 Weeks

Euro Demolition & Dismantling Ltd were awarded the contract to demolish three buildings on the Marchington Industrial Estate, Staffordshire.

These buildings were formerly a 2-storey office block, a café and a workshop/office block which had been vacant for some time. The surrounding area consisted of occupied business units which has to remain unaffected throughout the duration of the demolition works.

Heras fencing was erected around the buildings along with the appropriate warning notices to create the exclusion zones and to provide security protection for out of hour periods.  Identified notifiable asbestos was removed by our licensed asbestos removal sub contractor, whilst the non-notifiable asbestos was removed by qualified and trained members of our own staff.  The materials were then removed from site by a licensed waste carrier to a local authority licensed waste facility.

A road closure to the rear of the largest building was put into place whilst the 2-storey office block was stripped out, followed by the soft strip of all three buildings.  Any fluorescent light tubes from within the buildings were manually removed before being collected by a licensed waste carrier.

Mechanical demolition was then carried out with a demolition specification 360-degree excavator with a grab attachment, demolishing the building down to slab level.  All materials were segregated and placed into appropriate general waste skips or trailers for transport to a local authority, licensed waste recycling centre.  All the brickwork, aggregate and rubble was loaded into a dump truck by the excavator and transported to an area agreed with the Client.

All works were carried out within the contracted timescale to the client’s satisfaction, without any incidents.