Dalquandy Open Cast Mine

Dalquandy Open Cast Mine

Project Description

Discipline(s): Demolition, Dismantling, Environmental Clean, Site Clearance
Sector: Open Cast Mining
Location: Scotland
Project Duration: 4 Weeks

Euro Demolition & Dismantling Ltd were awarded the works on the Dalquandy former opencast mine following negotiations with our client.

We carried out the demolition of 4 buildings which had been subject to theft, vandalism and arson and were in a very poor dilapidated condition.  The buildings ranged from between 1 and 2 storeys and were mainly of brick construction with either tiled or asbestos cement roofs and consisted of both former office and residential buildings, which had all been subject to theft, vandalism, arson and were generally in poor condition

We carried out an environmental clean-up of the site and the removed a of substantial amount of stockpiled material and items, including broken asbestos cement roofing sheets.  Unfortunately, the site had also been subjected to fly tipping and we carried out the removal of this waste as part of our works

The works included the demolition of former office and residential buildings on the site and included the removal of a large amount of waste also scattered around the site. The buildings were stripped, all asbestos materials removed and were demolished down to slab level.

The site was left in a clean and tidy state, to the satisfaction of the client, without accident or incident, maintaining our excellent safety record.  All waste removed from site by licensed waste carriers.