Bantycock Open Cast Mine, Newark

Bantycock Open Cast Mine, Newark

Project Description

Discipline(s): Open-cast Mining | Earthworks | Land Restoration
Sector: Mining
Location: Bantycock Quarry, Newark
Project Duration: 2 Years

Euro Demolition & Dismantling were contracted over a period of 2 years by the client to supply quality crushed and selected British Gypsum rock to their Formula facility.

We managed and developed the site substantially to an operational quarry without any break in supply to the Newark facility during the entirety of the contract period. Our teams continuously provided a fully self-sufficient long-term quarrying operation to the client, removing overburden, extracting the rock and continuous site restoration, using our in-house heavy equipment.

The process required us to remove substantial amounts of overburden to expose the layers of gypsum rock. The gypsum was blasted, selected and loaded into our rigid dump trucks and hauled to stockpiles for further processing to include sizing, impurity extraction, primary and secondary crushing & screening followed by hand picking to the rigorous high standards required by the client.

The finished product was then loaded onto the client’s road transport to be delivered to several  manufacturing facilities across the UK, where it would be manufactured into tangible products to be used across a multitude of industries. Transport of rock to the nearby Newark facility was undertaken by ourselves, using our in-house fleet of 8-wheel tipper lorries.