Blaise IVC Facility, Kent

Blaise IVC Facility, Kent

Project Description

Discipline(s): Dismantling
Sector: Industrial
Location: Blaise IVC Facility, Kent
Project Duration: 2 Weeks

Euro Demolition & Dismantling  were awarded the contract for the decommissioning and dismantling of a redundant green waste screening barrel, situated at a live working facility in West Malling, Kent.

Removal of the substantial screening unit, which weighed almost 100 tonnes, underwent detailed planning, risk management and monitoring with regards to working with waste gases within an enclosed and confined space.  Gas levels and toxicity risks were continually monitored and assessed throughout the project.

All disconnections were carried out to enable safe access to the Barrel and surplus waste was removed from within and taken away from the working area. The surplus waste was subsequently used by the client in their day to day processes.

The barrel was dismantled and cut into sections then lowered to ground level by a mechanical excavator, where further sizing was carried out.  All recoverable materials were then loaded and transported to our approved recycling partners.

The site was cleared, swept and left in a presentable condition ready for handover to the client.