A Family Story

A Family Story

Drawing on years of experience to deliver robust, safe and quality working practices.

On a day in 1955, a determined yet humble livestock farmer diversified into the haulage business to find his fortune. It was from here that a keen sideline of buying and selling trucks and farming equipment began, which continued passionately throughout the family generations, extending to construction plant and equipment in later years.

With an impressive stock of construction equipment to their name, a golden opportunity arose for a partnership in demolition contracting and so began the family’s first foray into the industry.

Our demolition heritage can be traced back to the early 1980’s, with much of the focus afforded to industrial demolition, dismantling and asset recovery, including paper mills, factories, even bomb shelters and army barracks as well as general demolition such as residential homes.

This entrepreneurial heritage has helped shape who we are today. Decades of expertise and knowledge has been harnessed to inspire and develop our people to help deliver robust, safe and quality working practices within high risk environments.