Capital Storage, Derby

Capital Storage, Derby

Project Description

Discipline(s): Demolition
Sector: Commercial: Urban
Location: Derby City Centre
Project Duration: 8 Weeks

Euro Demolition & Dismantling were contracted to carry out a controlled deconstruction of the Capital Storage complex located in Derby city centre.

The site consisted of single storey steel framed storage buildings and a four storey concrete office block, located within one metre of a neighbouring multi-storey residential property.   Traffic Management was a key element to the planning of the works on site due to proximity of a highway and neighbouring properties.   Pedestrian walkways were made ahead of due works, to allow access around the site for the public.  The public highway was kept clear at all times, with site deliveries and collections taking place within the boundary of the demolition site.

At the start of the project all buildings were soft stripped and prior identified asbestos was removed, so that demolition of the buildings could commence.  Lower level works were undertaken by traditional demolition excavators whilst high level works were carried out by a 45 tonne demolition excavator, equipped with 27 metre high reach equipment with fully a rotating concrete cracker, whilst maintaining a scaffold framed falling object protection board system. Management of noise and dust was actioned throughout the duration of the project.

After demolition of the buildings, foundations were broken out and the entire site was proved. Upon completion of the works, all concrete and brick rubble were crushed and subsequent material was used to back-fill void space.   The site was left in a tidy and presentable condition, ready for handover to the client.

Waste and recyclable materials were identified and supplied to our accredited recycling partner.  The project was delivered successfully and to the client’s satisfaction.