Euro Demolition & Dismantling Lift Off Once Again!

Euro Demolition & Dismantling Lift Off Once Again!

Euro Demolition & Dismantling Ltd are currently in the last stages of our overland conveyor dismantle and removal in Wales. Having carried out several bridge, tank and conveyor removals this year involving crane lifts, we were well prepared for this one!


After many weeks of preparation, site visits, liaising with the client, local authorities and residents, we were ready to carry out the not so small task of dismantling and removing a whopping 850 metres of a large overland conveyor system, transfer house and railhead barn.

Night Working

A section of the conveyor spanned a busy main road and in order to minimise disruption, EDD organised a Sunday night road closure. We worked through the night to ensure that the road was open again by Monday morning.

Crane Lift

During this time we had cranes on site in a carefully planned and co-ordinated exercise to remove the sections of the conveyor spanning the road. The conveyor was removed by sectioning, using a variety of cutting techniques.  We had stringent control measures in place, due to the hazards of coal dust. Once the lift had been completed, the sections were lifted by crane to a designated area for processing and removal from site by our recycling partners.

Safety First

Following this the adjoining building structure was demolished by machine. We are now completing the last of the processing on site, before clearing away and leaving the site ready for future development by the client. All works have been carried out without incident or accidents, maintaining our exemplary safety record!