Ahead of Schedule at Former Polestar Printing Facility

Decommissioning a printing press

Ahead of Schedule at Former Polestar Printing Facility

Work is progressing ahead of schedule at a former printing press facility in Sheffield, some weeks into our appointment to decommission and dismantle a number of redundant printing presses.

The former Polestar printing facility, until recently operated several industrial printing presses for major UK daily newspaper titles, producing a colossal 40,000, 72 page magazines per hour, per machine.  Euro Demolition & Dismantling have been appointed to decommission and dismantle several of the presses as well as corresponding industrial plant from other parts of the facility, including the printer’s solvent recovery system which houses the carbon tanks.

Health & Safety Manager on this project says ‘Due to the nature of this facility, we have paid particular attention to aligning our RAMS to the strict environmental requirements that projects of this nature entail.  With this in mind, we have been liaising closely with our client’s environmental teams, ensuring that each step in this project is given the highest level of planning, risk assessment and methodologies agreeable to both parties to satisfy the relevant legislation and employ a robust safety first approach’.

Work is expected to continue for an estimated six weeks and the team at Euro Demolition & Dismantling are already some way ahead in exceeding the tight schedule for this project.